short movie “Einstellungsfrage”

The short film “Einstellungsfrage” was created during the 99Fire Films Award 2018. The aim of the competition is to produce a 99-second short film in 99 hours – from the first idea to the final product. For this occasion, we expanded the “usual” Production Pole network with some more great and creative minds and together we created our short film in early February 2018.

The theme of the competition, which is funded by another sponsor every year, was “I love it” and the sponsor was McDonald’s. In addition, a “McDonald’s product” or a “McDonald’s moment” should appear in the short film.Following these guidelines was not easy for us. After a long discussion, we have found a solution together in the team, because of course we did not want to produce a promotional video for this company of hell. We are disappointed that the involvement of the sponsor this year should be so overwhelming and we understand that many teams have canceled their participation because of this. But for us the team experience and the challenge of producing a short film in 99 hours was in the foreground. 

And that’s exactly what worked! With a great and inspiring team, we have produced (even in less than 99 hours) a great short film that even made it into the top 99 of the 3121 submissions. 

We see the 99ffa version of “Einstellungsfrage” rather as a trailer for a long version of the film, because in the idea is much more and we have also produced much more material than we could show in 99 seconds. As soon as the long version is finished, of course you can also see it.

Making of:


Philip Wilson
Ruben Günther
Sabrina Anders
Philipp Leingärtner
Kevin Habich
Adrian Fohl
Simon Dreyer
Josefa Jensch