Short Movie “Trauma”

“Trauma” – The short movie was shot in the summer of 2014, finally celebrated its premiere in February 2016 and made it into the Top 10 at the Shocking Short Award 2017.

“Trauma” is an outstanding Production Pole project, with which we gained a lot of experience and learned a lot. The Production Pole network has accompanied the entire project: from the first idea to the final product. With “Trauma” we have realized – in addition to our professional commitments – the desire for an in-house production and celebrated our love for Shocking Shorts.

What is “trauma” about?
Everyone knows the voice-shattering feeling after waking up from a too realistic nightmare. This brief moment in which you are tied to your own bed in total immobility and unable to think differently. And yet the feeling vanishes with every passing minute. Every second, it becomes lazier, weakens and sooner or later dissolves into nothingness. You weigh yourself in safety. It was just a dream, probably just a reaction to the experience of the previous day. Just an imagination, a deception, a combination of impossible coincidences, a game of your head. – And if that is not the case? So what?

The repetitive awakening and return to reality also suggests to John the presumed certainty that his thoughts will be controlled by him. He knows the line between waking and dreaming. He knows how to endure and overcome the in between. He is sure he is awake. But everything speaks against it. He begins to doubt and fails to process the perceived facts. Is there anyone else? Trepidation increases. Who’s there? The fear for one’s own life gets bigger. Who am I?

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Ruben Günther
Sabrina Anders
Philipp Leingärtner
Tasja Kluth
Kevin Habich
Philip Wilson
Adrian Fohl