In September 2015, together with HalloBiz, we produced the first pilot episode of a new TV format idea under the title “Händlercheck” (like “Dealer Check”).

The Production Pole-network was involved in the planning and organization right from the start and finally accompanied the production in all departments: camera, sound, lighting, directing and recording management. In addition, we brought in our expertise in special construction and crafts and helped so the store of pilot series to new splendor. Also in the post production we did not skip a step – from the editing to the title design / animation to the sound design and the color grading.

This TV pilot, which aired on tide TV in October 2015, is remembered to this day and is about to be revived sooner or later to take on the challenge of a TV format from start to finish to put again.

Philip Wilson
Ruben Günther
Philipp Leingärtner
Sabrina Anders
Kevin Habich
Tasja Kluth
Lena Kiesewetter
Josefa Jensch